A New Term Beckons!

An exciting year ahead at Beiteinu – Our School for 4 – 15 year olds

As Summer draws to a close, we are looking forward to welcoming back our young members to our Saturday morning school for the new academic year.

Our Beiteinu children following a riotous Purim service!

Beiteinu: “Our House”

Our school, Beiteinu, (meaning “our house” in Hebrew) meets every Saturday morning during term time.  We have over 40 students registered between the ages of 4 and 15.

The Jacob’s Ladder Project – how do we get closer to God?

Aleph, Beta, Gimmel!

For children aged 10 and below, we have three classes named after the first three Hebrew letters: Aleph (ages 4-5), Bet (ages 6-8) and Gimmel (ages 9-10).  Children then start preparing to become Bar or Bat Mitzvah at the age of 13.  They then enter the Kabbalat Torah class (“Welcoming the Torah”).

We are very proud that our graduates often return to Beiteinu as Teaching Assistants for the younger children.

Poppies and memorial stones for our annual Remembrance Day service

Festivals and Themes

Each year the children will study the Jewish festivals as they occur.  Each term also has a specific theme such as The Service Journey, Jewish Lifecycle or The Torah.

Our children are actively involved in services

Once a month we hold a Family Service which our Beiteinu children will attend and in which they often participate.  A highlight of our year is the annual Purim service which is led by the children with much hilarity!  The children also take part in all major festivals such as our Seder at Passover (Pesach), our annual memorial service to mark the national Remembrance Day, and we hold specific Family Services on the High Holy Days.

Our young children lead singing at our communal Pesach Seder.
Zoe, 17, who attended Beiteinu as a child and is now a Teaching Assistant

Find out more…

If you are interested in finding out more we would be delighted to welcome you for a visit.  Please contact our office for further information.

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