We welcome new members

At KLS, we welcome people in all their diversity including those who may have been traditionally excluded, such as mixed faith households, single parents or members of the LGBT community.

People join us from different backgrounds and for a variety of reasons.

You may:

  • Have recently moved into the area, having been a member of another synagogue
  • Be wishing to reconnect with Judaism after a pause
  • Be exploring your Jewish heritage for the first time
  • Be wanting to convert to Judaism
  • Be looking for a community which is inclusive and egalitarian, giving equal status within Judaism to men and women
  • Be excited by the range of activities and experiences our community has to offer.

As a Liberal Judaism community, we recognise equilineal descent. We accept as Jews children of either a Jewish mother or father, provided they have had a Jewish upbringing and education within the context of a synagogue. We follow Liberal Judaism’s principles when considering Jewish status, which you can read more about here.

Membership usually also includes cover under our funeral expenses scheme, which you can read about here.

Membership categories

KLS offers the following range of memberships and affiliations:

– Full membership – household or individual

– Affiliate membership – for non-Jewish partners of full members

– Associate membership – those who are full members of another synagogue

– Friend – for non-Jewish individuals wishing to be closely associated with KLS, or those wishing to convert to Judaism.

Children under 18 are covered within household memberships.

We also welcome those wishing to convert to Judaism and offer a programme of study for this purpose. You would join initially as a Friend, then become a full member after conversion. 


Meet the Rabbi for an informal chat about how to join us

Our Rabbi René is very happy to chat with you and help you with move forward on your Jewish journey. Please complete our contact form available on this page to arrange your meeting.
Our membership rates and steps to join can be found here: Find out more about How to Join us.

Visit us
Come along to one of our services or a social activity to experience the KLS community vibe. 

Please get in touch to let us know you are coming or telephone Diane in the office on 020 8398 7400.
Office hours are:
Monday, Tuesday and Friday: 8.30am - 3pm
Thursday: 8.30am - noon.