Education is at the heart of KLS

Like most communities, education is at the heart of our synagogue.
Our Religion school is called Beiteinu, which means Our House in Hebrew.

In this short video we are introduced to Headteacher, Carolynne, and some of our students, who show us around our Synagogue and tell us about a typical day in the life of Beietinu!

Video by Zoe Mendelson - A KLS Beiteinu alumna

Our goal is for the children to be happy and enjoy their morning, especially after they have spent all week at school. Lessons are mixed with a variety of activities, art and music. Pupils typically start coming from the age of five and progress through a curriculum of Hebrew and religious knowledge until they are fifteen.

For children aged 10 and below, we have three classes named after the first three Hebrew letters: Aleph (ages 4-5), Bet (ages 6-8) and Gimmel (ages 9-10).  Children then start preparing to become Bar or Bat Mitzvah at the age of 13 - preparation is integrated into the Beiteinu schedule. They then enter the Kabbalat Torah class ("Welcoming the Torah").

It is a credit to our religion school teachers that many young members return to the synagogue to teach and take leading roles in the Liberal Jewish Youth Movement (LJY Netzer) both nationally and internationally.

More information is included in our Beiteinu Brochure which you can access here.


Our students are actively involved in services

Once a month we hold a Family Service which our Beiteinu children will attend and in which they often participate.  The school will lead a full service at least once a year.  A particular highlight of our year is the annual Purim service which is led by the children with much hilarity!  The children also take part in all major festivals such as our Seder at Passover (Pesach), our annual memorial service to mark the national Remembrance Day, and we hold specific Family Services on the High Holy Days.


Would you like to have an informal chat with the Headteacher of the Religion School?

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