We have a thriving social calendar throughout the year

Our calendar offers something for all ages and interests. We love spending time together as a community, cementing our relationships and enjoying each others' company. We are also actively involved in the local community and with other faith groups and undertake a variety of social action projects.

We love socialising and meeting new people!

These are some of our activities:

  • Sporting activities - table tennis, a popular annual Rounders match where Team Rabbi competes with "Team Chair" for the trophy, summer country walks
  • Our famous Quiz
  • Our book club, Bookcrashers meets monthly to talk about the latest read
  • Regular series' of film-screenings
  • Talent shows and music concerts
  • A choir, led by a professional choir director, rehearses monthly
  • Day-trips to galleries, exhibitions, concerts
  • Weekend trips

We are involved in a number of social action projects

We engage closely with the local community and other faith groups on a variety of social action projects.  For example:

  • We have collected coats on behalf of the annual wrap-up london appeal from members of the local community and transport them onto the drop-off point.
  • We have collected contributions to the local food back and night shelter.
  • We participate in the annual Mitzvah Day activities - and plenty more!

We are always delighted to welcome guests to any of our events - please do let us know if you'd like attend.

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