How to join

We have a streamlined process for you to join KLS

KLS-Craig and Rene

1- Contact the office to arrange a meeting with Rabbi René.

2- Rabbi René will have an informal conversation with you to review your application together.

3- We will confirm the subscription appropriate to your membership category and any support that can be offered if you are in need of financial assistance.

4- We will email you the application form for the relevant membership category for you to complete.

5- Once we receive your completed application form, our Council will approve your membership and their following monthly meeting.

6- We will email you a link to set up a direct debit to cover your membership subscription.


Membership subscriptions

We have a range of membership subscription rates for individuals of all ages and families.

At KLS, we wish to enable any family or individual wishing to join our community to do so regardless of their financial situation. We offer financial assistance on a case-by-case basis to all those who are in need of this support. You can discuss this with the KLS chair in complete confidence.

KLS standard subscription rates in 2024

£ £
Individual adult (30+) 529 52.90
Household 1,010 101.00
Student (18+) 60 6
Friend 238 23.80

Subscriptions may be paid either in full on 1 February, in two halves on 1 February and 1 August, or in 10 monthly instalments between 1 February and 1 November.

The individual adult and household rates include optional levies to Leo Baeck College and Board of Deputies.

Former students of our Beiteinu may also pay at the student rate until age 30 though we encourage them to pay more if they can afford to.

The above rates apply to basic rate taxpayers paying through Gift Aid. Higher rate taxpayers pay an additional 33% so that their net contribution after tax relief is equivalent to that of basic rate taxpayers. If not paying through Gift Aid, the rates are increased by 25%.

An annual fee of £66 per adult (£10 if under 30) (not gift aidable) is included in above rates for membership of the funeral expenses scheme. Members joining aged 55 or over also need to pay a lump sum entry charge to join the scheme or they can choose to opt out.

Payment may be made by cheque, bank transfer or direct debit.

To move forward with your application process

Rabbi René is very happy to chat with you and help you with move forward on your Jewish journey. Please fill in the contact form available on this page to arrange your meeting.