Education is a Life Long Journey at KLS

We run a thriving and varied education programme for all ages - catering for children from 4 years' old, and through to their Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Kabbalat Torah programmes. Our vibrant programme for adults covers a wide range of topics.

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An overview of our education for all ages

  • For children aged 4-13 we run a popular weekly religion school, Beiteinu - our house in Hebrew - where we teach the fundamentals of Judaism.
  • Preparing for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah with KLS is a special experience.
  • Students aged 13-15 go on to undertake the Kabbalat Torah programme which gives them a more personal understanding of being Jewish in today's world and prepares them further for Jewish adulthood.
  • We also have close connections with Liberal Judaism's youth movement, LJY-Netzer, and many of our young members participate in their programme of social events including spring and summer camps and overseas trips.
  • We run a thriving and varied adult education programme catering to a range of interests.
  • For those wishing to explore Judaism further or convert to Judaism we run a weekly class.
  • We welcome visits from local schools and colleges.
  • We are particularly proud of our annual Holocaust Memorial Day workshops which we jointly run with another local synagogue.
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