Another Day

A poem by KLS member Brian Plaskow

As part of our series of guest posts from our members, we’re pleased to share this moving poem by our member Brian Plaskow. Brian lost his beautiful wife and closest friend Marian on 22nd February 2017. Since then he has been grieving deeply and living from day to day. Always looking for something to occupy his mind, as he approaches the 4th anniversary of her passing, he decided to write the following poem. After reading it, he felt it could apply to us all.

We are honoured to share this poem with our readers.

Brian’s wife Marian on their wedding day in 1965

Another Day
We wake in the morning and think of the day,
The one that’s ahead and how it will play.
We wonder what guides us and why it is so,
There has to be one who commands the whole show.
So will we be bad or will we be good?
And whatever we do, will we be understood?
The one who is watching will ever decide,
To take from or add to the true thoughts we hide.

When he opens our minds,
He easily finds,
The feelings inside,
That stretch far and wide.
But we know that he must,
In all ways be just,
For our prayers to reach out,
To him without doubt.

With all our devotion,
We still have no notion,
Of a day’s mystery,
But it’s best to agree,
That whatever will be,
Will be!

Brian and Marian in 2012