Beautiful choral works and accompanying videos feature as part of High Holy Day Services

Our High Holy Days’ services were very different this year – all delivered online rather that in person at our Synagogue.

Due to the circumstances of the Covid19 pandemic, members of our choir were not able to get together physically to rehearse. Therefore, we had to think of an alternative way in which our congregants could experience the music of the Choir during the services.

An image from one of the videos

Once again technology came to the rescue. Under the direction of KLS Music Director, Rebekka Wedell, each member of our choir recorded their vocal part in their own homes. These parts were then mixed together by Rebekka to create beautiful choral works. Our publicity officer, Rebecca Singerman-Knight, created videos for each work showing variously images of our community, nature, as well as some works of Chagall.

All the videos are available to watch on our YouTube channel.

Speaking after the services, Rabbi René Pfertzel said, “Rebekka and the Choir did an amazing job under the circumstances, working with technology to produce beautiful videos for our congregants to enjoy during the services; the images helping them to reflect on the liturgy. However, as with all aspects of our services this year, creating these videos meant investment in technology and skills. Therefore, we are asking those that enjoyed the services and who are able to do so, to donate to KLS to help cover our costs”.

You can donate here.