Beiteinu is back!

Wonderful Shabbat morning family service to mark the start of a New Year

On the first Shabbat morning of the new year 5782 we were all delighted to welcome our Beiteinu students back, following eighteen months of primarily online lessons.

Is Rabbi René out of a job? Welcoming our students back for a New Year…..

To mark the special occasion, we invited student Rabbi, Gabriel Kanter-Webber, to deliver the Torah service.

Gabriel grew up with KLS – having had his Bar Mitzvah with us exactly seventeen years previously. He is now starting his fifth year of Rabbinic training at Leo Baeck college.

Student Rabbi, Gabriel Kanter-Webber, with the Beiteinu children at the end of the Family Service

Gabriel told us about the biblical character of Og – thought to be a giant. He explained that Og’s bed was thought to be 9 cubits long – and then led an activity in which the congregation measured each other in cubits – i.e. the length of a forearm. Why were some children seemingly taller than some adults when measured in cubits we wondered?

Overall, it was a vibrant, uplifting and hugely joyous family service – the first of many to come in 5782!

The final blessing