Kabbalat Torah – 11 March 2017

The KT class of 5777 led a wonderful, creative, thought-provoking and innovative service last Saturday. Mazel tov to Lily Roberts; Nathan Simmons; Joshua Wuggenig; Fran Fornasiero; Gideon Farrer; Zoë Mendelson; Guy Morad; Max Fornasiero; and Hannah Royle. You can tell from the photo they enjoyed doing it and we admired how well they worked together as a team.

Watch their sermon on the themes of sacrifice, responsibility and tribes, based on the Torah portion for the week – T’tzavveh.

[Video: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/s9aemdtxt50fngpmu1tut/KT%20sermon.mp4?dl=0&oref=e&r=AAVG3mu1HR1hdrG6V6MUlKMO8jA8X5F4vkbB1BQ0XR5qHSKKPqXlGB9FXZR77yev7-aU2Au8lBTHy6wuCBXtDCAaZ2CHv8rFwanCPYJrXWxSq_V-lGESt1wbIVDjE3hU3lBsUAzLn_imfqYerBzZ-yaY-yn01LgG_EVO4zT-IpRsUngC-EhrmSgTlOPIb5zbHkg&sm=1]