Kadimah kids are home, Beiteinu starts soon….

The South London coach returned lots of happy, exhausted KLS children from their two weeks of fun, mayhem and digital detox yesterday.  Washing machines across Surrey will be working overtime to deal with the potentially toxic contents of the suitcases!  And the wifi will be creaking in their homes as they desperately try to make up for not being online for 2 weeks – how did they manage?!  Well, that’s the story in our house.  They have a week to rest before Beiteinu starts for the new school year on Saturday 6 September.  Don’t forget to bring your fruit.  Beiteinu starts at 9.45am, the Book Group is from 10am-11am, there will be a family service at 11.30am, followed by the ever-popular HeBrew Cafe, and then the Youth Club from 1-3pm.