L’Dor Vador – Celebrating our Generations

On Shabbat of 29/30 June we held two special services celebrating our different generations.

On Friday 29th June we held a celebratory Shabbat service for one of our founder members, Brenda Dombey. Brenda was not only instrumental in establishing our community back in 1967 but she also served as Subscriptions and Donations Secretary for over 25 years.  The choir sang some traditional melodies in her honour.

Brenda and family in our Kehillah Garden after the service

It was a beautiful Summer evening and we were able to hold Kiddush in our Kehillah Garden.

After celebrating one of our founder members, on Saturday morning we celebrated the entry into Jewish adulthood of one of our younger members, Marcus Limbuwala, as he became Bar Mitzvah.  Marcus spoke with confidence and wit about his Torah portion, Parashat Korach, referring to Moses’s ‘Face Palm’ when challenged by Korach!

Marcus with his parents and his Bar Mitzvah teacher, Robert Markless

Another beautiful Summer’s Day meant we were able to have Kiddush outside once again.  Marcus helped Rabbi Rene with the challah….

Rabbi Rene and Marcus (right) prepare the Challah at Kiddush

….. and then announced he was going to eat his body weight in bagels: