Our Religion School is getting ready to welcome the children

We start again on Saturday 9th September 2023

For those that are continuing their Jewish education at Beiteinu we are really looking forward to seeing you again; and for those new children starting this year a warm welcome awaits you. Beiteinu – Our House; is the religion School here at KLS and children are welcome to join us from babies in arms at our Kinderlech class up to Bar/Bar Mitzvah and Kabbalat Torah stages.

Beiteinu in action!

Video created by Zoe Mendelson, Beiteinu Alumna

Most of the Kingston Liberal Synagogue families come from a wide catchment area where perhaps there are not many other Jewish children, so Beiteinu is a great way for children to form Jewish friendships and be in the company of other Jewish people.
At Beiteinu we aim to provide a fun learning environment in which children learn the Jewish ways. These may include food, art, culture, Hebrew and religious knowledge , as well as festivals and trips out in London. Beiteinu encourages children to participate in services, they attend the family service once a month and as they progress through their Jewish Education, many return to teach at Beiteinu themselves.
We have a wonderful Kelilah Garden for the breaks and parents are very welcome to wait for their children and ‘hang out’ in the sofas area. The best news? The tea and coffee station for parents is being arranged as we speak.

For more information on joining Beiteinu, you may have a friendly, informative chat with Diane by simply calling the office on 020 8398 7400
Or you may fill in the form on our contact page.