Our Seder Plates

A series of interviews with our members for Pesach 5781 / 2021

Following the success of our video series ‘Our Lockdown Stories‘ last Summer, as we approached the second Pesach in lockdown we interviewed some of our members about their Pesach traditions, their seder plates – and their thoughts about Pesach 2021.

Episode 1 – Norman and Jill Hyman

In the first episode, longstanding members Norman and Jill talk about their memories of seders as children and KLS communal seders in the early days.

Episode 2 – Rabbi Janet Darley

Rabbi Janet Darley shows us her incredible plate, bought in San Francisco soon after her wedding. She talks about the significance of her seders and the symbolic foods she puts on her seder plate to represent the issues about which she feels strongly – for example inclusion, modern slavery and peace. She also reflects on the theme of the journey, which particularly resonates with her given the particular circumstances of this year’s Pesach.

Episode 3 – Sandra Levene

Longstanding KLS member Sandra shows us her handmade plate which she’s had since 1971 and tells us about her family seders – both as a child and when hosting her own seders, and looks forward to this year’s seder.

Episode 4 – Sara Alston

In this episode, Sara tells us about how each of her family seders is like an episode of Friends- “The one where…..” – and how there are as many salads as people!

Episode 5 – Jen Osorio

Jen shows her seder plate, given to her by her mother in law when she started hosting her own seders 45 years ago! She reminisces about the large family seders, and the breakaway group formed a few years ago to a more civilised size….

Episode 6 – Carolynne Farrer

The Headteacher of our religion school, Carolynne Farrer, shows off her awesome seder plate and tells us about how they remember family members who are no longer with them – and if you look carefully you’ll see her dog’s tail in the background!

Episode 7 – Jenny Woolfe

Jenny shows us her beautiful, homemade, seder plate and also tells us about seders past which her and her husband Mark have attended all over the world. Also listen to her tale of a trick played on her mother in law with Elijah’s cup…..

Episode 8 – Sandra Webber

Sandra shows off a few of her seder plates, including one made by her son – who is now a student Rabbi. Also – what is the strange item they put on their plate?

Episode 9 – Stephanie

Stephanie grew up in the KL community – her parents were founder members. Her childhood memories revolve around the KLS communal seders and she tells us a number of lovely stories about these, including one about her 2 year old brother and the 4 cups of wine….

Episode 10 – Natalia Marten

This is a really special episode. Natalia has just started her conversion to Judaism and this will be only her second seder – the first being last year, alone, in lockdown. She tells us about the relevance of the festival to her own life.

Episode 11 – Craig Simmons

For the final episode, our Chair, Craig Simmons, shows us some family photos, and his children’s homemade seder plates. He also reflects on how lockdown has forced us to reflect on the importance of freedom.