Syrian refugee crisis unites Jews and Muslims in plea for Britain to do more

Rabbi Danny Rich, Chief Executive of Liberal Judaism, Iman Suliman Gani, Muslim Chaplain of St. George’s Hospital and The Rt. Reverand Jonathan Clark, Bishop of Croydon, joined the Citizens UK campaign, and are pictured at the Kindertransport Monument at Liverpool St. station
Liberal Judaism chief executive Rabbi Danny Rich said: “The main ritual of Sukkot is that we spend time in a temporary dwelling place. It is a tradition to welcome visitors into that temporary dwelling.  That has gone on for a couple of thousand years.  There are thousands of refugees from Syria living in temporary conditions because they can’t live anywhere else because their homes have been destroyed.  Jews are a people who know what it is to be refugees, for all the reasons of our history. In those circumstances, it is appropriate that we should try and get local synagogues, mosques and churches to see if we can do something for Syrian refugees.”