Blessed are you, Eternal our God…….

Our Beiteinu students write their own morning blessings for our Shabbat family service

The students of our Beiteinu school – our Saturday morning school for young people aged 5-16 – led the monthly family Shabbat morning service on 9th January. Prior to the service, the younger students had written their own morning blessings, and illustrated them, which they then read and presented during the service. Here are a selection:

Later in the service, in place of the traditional Haftorah reading, Beiteinu Headteacher Carolynne Farrer read this lovely poem by Bracha Goetz:

Where is God?
Are you really there?
It sure looks like
You’re not anywhere

First I looked in the sky.
Couldn’t see God up there.
Hurried past an old lady,
On her folding chair.

I looked behind bushes –
Never follow your nose!
In one bush it got poked
By the thorn on a rose!

I felt kind of silly –
But I wanted to know.
How can I believe
In a God who won’t show?

A manhole was uncovered,
So I took a peek.
Didn’t think I’d find God –
But this was Hide-and-Seek!

I turned over some rocks,
And I climbed up two trees,
But I scurried down one
When I met up with bees!

Found three birds in a nest,
Eating worms with their toes!
It didn’t look like God –
But that’s how it goes!

I looked down at an anthill.
I looked through a hose.
I looked in a mailbox –
Well, one never knows…

“What you looking for, sonny?
Can I give you a hand?”
THE OLD LADY! – I jumped!
She’d never understand.

“I’m just looking…” I mumbled,
And tried hard to smile.
“I’m not busy,” she said,
“Can I join you awhile?”

“You know what, little fellow?
You remind me – you do –
Way back when I was young,
I looked for God, just like you.”

But, how did she know?
How much had she seen?
“Where is God?” I asked.
She whispered: “In between!”

“God hides in the grass,
Within each tiny blade.
He hides under rocks,
In the coolness of shade.”

“God hides inside things
That everyone sees.
You can even find God
While you’re climbing trees!”

“God gets down with the ant.
Did you think that God can’t!
In each bee full of zest –
In each bird in his nest.“

“This whole world’s filled with God –
Seen with wide-open eyes.
God is out here right now,
Tucked within a disguise!”

“You’d already found God
By yourself here today.
Right on your own block –
God doesn’t live far away!”

Now I know where God hides.
Up and down every street!
How I thanked my new friend –
It was so great to meet!

Do you know where God is?
I think you do.
And now that you know –
You can find God too!