Breaking the fast of Ramadan with friends from local Muslim community

Members of the local Muslim community chose to break their fast with us on the evening of Monday 13th May, and invited its members to join them in their ‘Iftar’ – the evening meal which is held after Sunset. 

We already have close relationships with members of the South London Dialogue society – an organisation established by British Muslims with the aim of advancing social cohesion by building community relationships – they attended our Interfaith Chanukah event last December.

Rabbi Rene Pfertzel said “It was a real honour and pleasure to welcome our Muslim friends from the South London Dialogue society to our Synagogue, and to host them as they are breaking the daily fast of Ramadan – which is such a significant aspect of their faith”.  

He went on to say “We come from very different background. Our religions are, at least in form and shape, quite different. And yet, we are able to sit together, to share a meal, to listen to each other. If we, Muslims and Jews alike, are able to do it, it means that it is possible and that is a really positive message”.

Rabbi Rene Pfterzel enjoys a traditional Ramadan dessert.

Usame, from the Muslim community in Kingston, said “It was my first time in a Synagogue. It was a great experience for me to meet others from a different religion and to share food with them and get to know each other.  I hope to come again”.