Pesach 2019

We welcomed one hundred members and guests to our communal Seder meal on the evening of Saturday 20th April to celebrate Pesach. Visitors congregated in the new garden before commencing the meal inside. 

Congregating in the new garden prior to the Seder

During the evening it was announced that the new garden would be named “The Kehillah Garden” – meaning community in Hebrew.  It will also be dedicated to the memory of a deceased member, Annemarie Seelig, whose legacy allowed for the garden to be developed.   The name was chosen after a community competition and vote. 

The new Kehillah Garden
Our 7 year old member hides her eyes whilst the Afikoman is hidden
Rabbi Rene Pfterzel leads the Seder

Our young children sing “Mah Nishtanah” – Why is this night different?
Much hilarity during the singing of Dayyeinu!