Noah on the Earth – a Premiere….

KLS Member Ethan performs his original musical helped by our Beiteinu students

Our monthly family services are always full of music but the one on 3 December was particularly special. Our member (and former Bar Mitzvah student) Ethan Kelly performed his original musical “Noah on the Earth” – ably assisted by our Beiteinu students.

Ethan (front) with Beiteinu Head Teacher Carolynne (L), Rabbi René (R) and our Beiteinu students after the service

“Noah on the Earth” is a 30-minute retelling of the Genesis story, told through a mix of readings and original songs, composed and led by Ethan. Accompanying himself on guitar and harmonica, Ethan was assisted by the Beiteinu class in readings, singing, and lively noisemaking. Revisiting the story of Noah to reflect on themes of climate change, family and what it is to be human, “Noah on the Earth” was written to be performed for and with religious and educational communities.

Following the performance Ethan said “I’m very grateful for the opportunity to perform my new composition at KLS. I had my Bar Mitzvah here and learnt how to play the guitar by teaching at Beiteinu. It was special to lead the family service with my own community. The children did a great job performing the roles of Noah’s family and friends, and enthusiastically stamping on the floor to make the sounds of the storm!”

Speaking after the service, Rabbi René said “We are very proud to see such a talented young man in our community, where he grew up, strengthening his Jewish identity with musical skills and poetic abilities. Ethan has captured so well the anguish of a man, Noah, who saw his world being destroyed by recklessness. That is a profound lesson for us today.”

“Noah on the Earth” will be performed at Limmud Festival 2022. You can book Ethan to lead “Noah on the Earth” at your community by contacting us.

You can watch the highlights of the performance here:

And should you choose to watch the full service, including the entire performance, it is avaiable here: