Warmer in Winter

We partner with local charity, RBKares, for our Mitzvah Day Project 2022

For this year’s Mitzvah Day, we have packed over 150 “Warmer in Winter” bags to help local residents keep warm this winter, as part of a joint project undertaken with Kingston charity RBKares – a group of volunteers that aims to mobilise the community to respond at pace to needs that arise within the borough of Kingston amongst hospital workers, carers, refugees, and other vulnerable groups.

Mitzvah Day is a Jewish-led day of social action in which over 40,000 people around the world come together to give their time, not money, to make a difference to the community.

Members of KLS and the wider community have spent the last few weeks knitting and crocheting scarfs, blankets and hats – we well as making special tote bags repurposed from pillow cases.  These have been combined with hot water bottles, socks, gloves, torches, tea bags and soups  – sourced from a grant from Kingston Charitable Foundation as well as funds raised from Surbiton High School.  The bags also included a number of leaflets about local organisations offering help. 

Our Beiteinu students also prepared notes of greetings and pictures to include in the bags to add a personal touch.

Kate Kenyon of RBKares said “Seeing so many people come together with a common aim of helping others is inspiring and a pleasure to witness”

Andrew Mendelson, the KLS coordinator of this project said,  “It was great to see our community come together so enthusiastically and want to work with RBKares on this project”

Just some of the 150+ bags packed and ready to be collected and distributed to the community

You can watch a brief video of our activities here: