Reflections from Rabbi René – Rosh Hashanah 5780

The Jewish New Year is not like the civil one. We do not party all night and drink beyond measure; it is a very solemn day, when we examine our deeds and thoughts, and pledge to amend our ways. However, it is not somber nor sinister, and there is much happiness and solace in having a time during the year when we look at our life. This is particularly relevant and essential in a world that is running faster and faster, where we live only in the moment and lose sight of the larger picture. We live in worrying times, and we are wary of the future. Instead of giving in to despair and powerlessness, the High Holy Days remind us that we have a choice, we can decide between despair and hope, between powerlessness and assertiveness.

I wish you Shana Tova U’Metukah, may this New Year 5780 be a year of fulfilment and happiness, and when the inevitable challenges of life come in your way, take comfort in the presence of community as a safe place for you and your family.